The establishment and development

1. Department of Foreign Affairs of Quang Tri province - 10 years of establishment and development.
The Department of Foreign Affairs of Quang Tri province was established under Decision No. 24/2003/QD-TTg dated February 12, 2003 by the Prime Minister. The Department of Foreign Affairs has the main respaonsibility to advise the Party Committees and local authorities to perform the State management on foreign affairs, border affairs. It is the focal point to study, propose guidelines, plans, directions and coordination to implement local external relation tasks in accordance with the Party and State's lines and policies and international practices. Over the past 10 years of establishment and development, the Department of Foreign Affairs has successfully played the role of advising the provincial leaders and coordinating with the central foreign affairs agencies, departments, and localities in the province to organize and manage foreign affairs activities in the area, especially in the fields of border-territory work, local friendship cooperation, which contributes significantly to the socio-economic development as well as promotes the international integration of Quang Tri province.
Currently, the organizational structure of the Department of Foreign Affairs has been consolidated with a total of 26 civil servants and employees. The leaders include: Director and 02 Deputy Directors. There are an administration division and 4 specialized divisions: International Cooperation, Border Management, Consular and Overseas Vietnamese, Inspection.

2. Some outstanding foreign affairs results in recent years.
Master the Party’s direction of the XI National Congress "... multilateralize and diversify relationships, take the initiative in international integration ...". It can be said that the Department of Foreign Affairs has actively, proactively advised and strived to develop the province's foreign affairs both in breadth and depth. The Department’s firm and effective steps have contributed to the socio-economic development of the province in recent years.
The friendship between Quang Tri province and international friends has been expanded over the past. Quang Tri has established cooperation with Embassies of: the US, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Korea, Thailand, and Italy, and strengthened cooperation with many international organizations such as: JICA/Japan, KOICA/Korea, World Bank, Asian Development Bank...
Quang Tri province has created relations with more than 15 foreign administrative units at the same level, over 40 international non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations so far. Every year, the province welcomes and works with an average of 300 delegations with over 3,000 international visitors. Quang Tri is the gateway to the East of the provinces on EWEC. Quang Tri province has actively cooperated with localities, central ministries and branches to effectively exploit and comprehensively develop this important economic corridor.
The special cooperation and friendship with the provinces of Savannakhet, Salavan (Laos) continue to be strengthened and comprehensively developed in many fields: health, culture, education, tourism, science and technology, agriculture, transportation, border marker... Every year, the two sides hold talks, sign cooperation agreements with rich and practical contents to support each other's development. Despite many difficulties, but every year, Quang Tri province still allocates budget to help Savannakhet and Salavan develop.
Border and territorial work continue to be strengthened and developed, making an important contribution to nurturing the Vietnam-Laos traditional friendship, preserving the Vietnam-Laos border line through Quang Tri. The plan of embellishing and increasing the Vietnam - Laos national border mark, the section passing Quang Tri province was completed beyond the approved plan by the governments of the two countries. As of August 2013, all 62 landmark locations with 68 The landmark on the whole border line between Quang Tri and the two Laos provinces Savannakhet and Salavan were successfully built. Currently, the two provinces have coordinated to finalize legal documents, maps and hand over the landmark system documents to relevant units for management according to regulations.
Quang Tri province has mobilized and attracted 63 new implemented ODA programs and projects with a total investment of USD 358.63 million in the period 2006-2013. These results have contributed to increase the investment capital (accounting for about 17% of the total social investment capital of Quang Tri province) and at the same time created a breakthrough in the construction of socio-economic infrastructure. The mobilization, use and management of FNG aid in the province continues to be focused. In the period 2009 - 2013, Quang Tri province mobilized grants from international organizations, foreign embassies, non-governmental organizations and foreign individuals to implement humanitarian programs and projects with total funding of 14,173,320 USD. NGOs projects have actively and effectively contributed to poverty reduction, socio-economic development, mine and UXO recovery, disaster prevention and mitigation, community development ...
The works of Party foreign affairs, people's foreign affairs, external information and overseas Vietnamese have continued to have positive changes, gaining important initial results, adding fruitful results to the foreign affairs of the province since the 11th National Party Congress, which polishes the image of Quang Tri land and people in the eyes of international friends.

3. Some tasks and solutions in the coming time.

Promote the achieved results, overcome difficulties and limitations. With the motto "active - proactive - creative and effective", foreign affairs and international cooperation of Quang Tri province in the coming time will focus on the following solutions.

First, continue to master the policies of the Party and the Laws of the State on foreign affairs and international cooperation up to specific local conditions. It is in order to ensure the Party’s centralized and complete leadership, the uniform management and administration of the Government at all levels, the coordination between specialized agencies and the advice of foreign agencies in foreign activities.

Second, Assume the prime responsibility and coordinate to have unified management of foreign activities. Effectively expand and enhance the international cooperation establishment at the local levels. Complete the legal corridor, support and solve problems and difficulties to further promote the role of local foreign affairs.

Third, Renovate, raise awareness and act on the role of international cooperation. Clearly identify that foreign affairs and international cooperation are important resources that needs to take advantage of to serve local socio-economic development programs in the process of international and regional innovation and integration.

Fourth, closely and harmoniously combine foreign politics with external economic affairs, foreign affairs with security and defense, Party foreign affairs and State diplomacy with people foreign affairs to form a united and effective external front.

Fifth, take advantage of resources, mechanisms and policies for foreign affairs and international cooperation, and have a plan to train and foster staff specialized in foreign languages ​​and professional expertise.

In the current trend of international integration, there is always a mix of foreign affairs and new opportunities and challenges. With over 10-year knowledge, experience and cooperation, the staff of the Department of Foreign Affairs will continue to strive, promote the achievements, overcome difficulties and challenges to continue building a growing local foreign affairs agency, effectively build and develop the homeland.
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