A survey for building houses of gratitude

Tuesday - 20/07/2021 15:16
On July 16, 2021, the Department of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Union of Friendship Organizations of Quang Tri Province, conducted a survey to build houses of gratitude for families with difficulties  on the basis of the proposal of the Department of Labor, Invalids & Social Affairs.

Mr. Tran Khanh Phoi, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs - Chairman of the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations visited Mrs. Bui Thi Hong's house.
The delegation visited and learned more about the situation of Mrs. Bui Thi Hong in village 4, Gio Hai commune, Gio Linh district. According to the information provided, both Mrs. Bui Thi Hong and Mr. Nguyen Van Luc are both Agent Orange victims. Her family is a poor household in 2021. It’s like two pieces of life meet when Mr. Luc has broken legs but his eyes are clear, and Mrs. Hong has strong legs but blurred eyes. The two have two sons, fortunately both are healthy. Currently, the whole family depends on the allowance for Agent Orange victims of about 1.9 million VND/month. Their shelter built by the Fund for the Poor in the province since 2006 has been degraded, which is difficult to ensure safety for the whole family during the rainy and stormy season. Her biggest dream now is to have a room strong enough for the whole family not to evacuate when stormy season comes.

The isolated house on the sandy land of Mrs. Ho Thi Chuan
The delegation also visited Ms. Ho Thi Chuan who is a poor in village 9, Trieu Van commune, Trieu Phong district. She has no husband and children, lives alone in a small house on sandy land. She now lives on government subsidies for poor households. The house is so dilapidated and hot that she goes to sleep in a hammock under trees. She is living the last days of her life so she wishes to have a solid room to avoid storms and a toilet to use in rainy weather.
The project will fund for the construction of houses for households with extremely difficult circumstances in the province with an estimated budget of 70 million VND/house. This is one of the humanitarian activities to help disadvantaged families have a better life.
                                                                                                                                                                         Nhat Hoang


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