The Department of Foreign Affairs handed over the construction of 02 classrooms in Hoa Lan Kindergarten, A Rong School, Krong Klang town, Dakrong district sponsored by Indian Embassy in Vietnam

Thursday - 29/07/2021 16:41
The Department of Foreign Affairs - Investor handed over to the locality 02 classrooms of Hoa Lan kindergarten, A Rong school site in Krong Klang town, Dakrong district on July 29, 2021. The ceremorny was chaired by Mr. Nguyen Duc Quang - Deputy Director with the attendance of representatives of design, supervision and construction consulting firms, leaders of Education and Training Division of Dakrong District and teachers in Hoa Lan Kindergarten.
Đại diện Chủ đầu tư và các đơn vị liên quan tham dự lễ bàn giao

The project was funded by the Indian Embassy in Vietnam with a non-refundable aid of $50,000, including 2 new standard classrooms, 2 bathrooms, 02 warehouses, corridors and playgrounds for preschool children.
At this ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duc Quang - Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs was pleased to say that the project was completed and put into use in a timely manner to serve the teaching and learning in the new school year 2021-2022. At the same time, he sincerely thanked the relevant agencies, units and individuals for their efforts and close coordination to complete a meaningful project.
Lãnh đạo Sở Ngoại vụ trao tặng 01 bộ máy vi tính cho trường

Also at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duc Quang, on behalf of the Department, presented the school with a set of computer mobilized by the Department of Foreign Affairs from Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population) (CCIHP) so that Hoa Lan Kindergarten could recover after natural disasters in October 2020. Teacher Dang Thi Thu Huong - Principal of Hoa Lan Kindergarten, on behalf of the school's teachers and students, sent her deep gratitude and commitment that teachers, parents and students will use the project with the original purpose so that many generations of students can benefit from this project./.

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