Quang Tri leads the way to making Viet Nam safe from UXO threat

Thứ năm - 29/09/2016 21:49
This year marks 20 years since the first international cooperation in Viet Nam began to deal with the painful war legacy of unexploded bombs and mines.  It began in Quang Tri Province – and Quang Tri has led Viet Nam in this effort ever since.
Over the past two decades there has been much progress.  More than 400,000 UXO have been destroyed.  Countless lives have been saved.  Untold injuries and lifetime disabilities have been prevented.  We’ll never know how many accidents have been avoided, we can only guess.  But the number has gone down year after year, and we are very close to zero accidents in one year.
And this is our goal:  TO MAKE VIET NAM SAFE.  I believe we are succeeding.
Quang Tri Province has led the way.  Government officials here have demonstrated leadership and vision.  They were first to open the door to international assistance. Quang Tri’s leadership has shown all of Viet Nam how to work side by side with foreigners.  They have demonstrated strong policy direction, good management,full transparency.
Quang Tri Province has created the mine action model for all of Viet Nam to follow. 
Viet Nam continues to achieve progress in all fields.  People’s lives improve.  UXO accidents fade from the news.  But the problem is still here, and it threatens new generations of children, who are babies today.  They must be taught about bombs and mines, and how to be safe. 
The next few years will be crucial for Viet Nam.  Some countires, including the United States, have pledged to provide funding to Viet Nam for another five years or so, maybe longer.  Then Viet Nam must deal with this problem alone.
During this critical time period, Viet Nam must build stronger capacity for management and technical operations, at local, provincial, and national levels.  You must stay focused on your main goal – to make Viet Nam safe – so that never again will a child, or a farmer, or your neighbor be killed or injured by a bomb or mine.  These tragic acccidents can be avoided with individual knowledge, care, and community support and advocacy.
The UXO problem will not go away, ever.  But it can be managed.  The danger can be reduced, and eventually eliminated. 
I am confident that it can be done.   Quang Tri Province has shown the way.

Nguồn tin: Chuck Searcy

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